Historical background of HERPAS

HERPAS was founded in December 1992 with the 1139/1992 decision of the Higher Court of Thessaloniki (modified later by the decision no. 16006/2000), after a long contemplation and debate, in order to address scientifically the natural and artificial grazing resources of Greece, namely rangelands and pastures. In the foundation meeting, held at the premises at the Geotechnical Chamber of Greece at Thessaloniki, 30 members were present composed of forestry and agronomy engineers as well as veterinarians, all of them specialized or relevant with the range and pasture science and practice. The city of Thessaloniki was chosen as the base of HERPAS.

The memorandum of the HE.R.PA.S. organization has changed since 2000,after the decision 16006/2000 of the Court of First Instance of the cityof Thessaloniki.

Today, there are 90 members already registered in the HE.R.PA.S., that cover a wide range of disciplines, with different scientific background,but all sharing in common a special interest in studying, protecting, andimplementing the principles of sustainable management for rangelands andpastures. HE.R.PA.S. is a member of the European Grassland Federation (E.G.F.).

Aims of HERPAS

  • To broaden, disseminate and apply the knowledge related with the conservation of rangelands and pastures.
  • To promote the research and education for rangelands and pastures.
  • To establish partnership and cooperation with similar societies of Greece and abroad.

Activities of HERPAS

  • Organization of panhellenic rangeland congresses every 2 years in several parts of Greece, where major issues related with the ecology and management of rangelands and pastures as well as the results of the ongoing research are presented and discussed.
  • Organization of specialized meetings for problems that appear to be of interest to the stakeholders and agencies responsible for management of the national grazing resources.
  • Publication of an annual bulletin for the members as well as of other books related with the aims of HERPAS including the proceedings of the panhellenic congresses.
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